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One Bitcoin Will Rent Any Of These 12 Beautiful Airbnbs For An Entire Year

It’s been hard to ignore the prolific rise in the price of Bitcoin over the past few days, and for that matter, this entire year. The cryptocurrency, which began 2017 at a value around $1,000, sits just above $16,000 as I write this. Of course, the price has seen its fair share of extraordinary swings-generally upward, though not always-and has attracted plenty of speculators hoping to make a quick buck amid the gold rush. Yet one question consistently arises, both among novices and experts alike: how should we actually use Bitcoin? Now that I’ve invested in this digital-or as some would say, mythical-currency, what can I buy with it?

I’ll present one option: liquidate your holdings and travel. At its current price, a single Bitcoin is enough to pay for an entire year of living in some pretty spectacular Airbnbs around the world. If you had the foresight to buy a Bitcoin for a few dollars five years ago, or even just twelve months ago for $1,000, you could spend a month of 2018 in each of these homes. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Why are these places, displayed in the gallery above, so special? First, there’s the loft in Istanbul, a stone’s throw from the renowned Istiklal Street. It’s full of interior brick, sturdy hardwood and an abundance of natural light, three key indicators of the familiar warmth of Airspace. It’s in the heart of Beyoğlu, a neighborhood that tactfully mixes old and new Turkey, and has solidified itself as one of the coolest districts of Istanbul. With the ever-eventful Soho House and thumping Karakoy around the corner, what’s not to love?

There’s the movie-lovers’ flat in Rio de Janeiro, crammed to the teeth with film references and memorabilia. It sits in stylish Leblon, combining dark furniture with plenty of bright accents in a friendly, this-is-your-home-too sort of way. Rio’s best hikes, which in my experience are Dois Irmãos and Sugarloaf, are not far, and Copacabana Beach is around the corner, too. If you haven’t been to Rio before, aim to go in February so you can catch Carnival.

The list wouldn’t be complete without the modern treehouse in Chiang Mai, a stilted beauty that glorifies rustic rural living right outside of one of Asia’s rising stars. There’s plenty of outdoor space, including a large back patio, perfect for relaxing the night away or basking in the afternoon sun. Chiang Mai, just like Istanbul, gets consistently overlooked by those unfamiliar with the local areas; the allure of the nearby Thai and Greek islands is too strong to ignore. Yet ask the innumerable expats who call Chiang Mai home, or the international business travelers who frequent Istanbul, and you’ll hear a very different side of the story. There’s a reason they keep going back, though you won’t find it plastered on a postcard.

It’s hard to fathom that an item many paid just a few dollars for less than a decade ago is now able to buy so much, but it’s true. If you were one of the lucky, prescient few, bask in the knowledge that you could spend your 2018 living in any, or all, of these twelve stunning Airbnb homes. You may want to sign up for N26 and TransferWise before you depart, lest you pay an arm and a leg in currency exchange fees, though you could maintain your crypto investment and only liquidate it when you need it. Whatever your decision, make it with the knowledge that that same Bitcoin could be worth double its current value in a year’s time, or it could be worth nothing at all. This is the gamble Bitcoin dabblers are taking on; only time will tell how that gamble plays out.


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