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Is Uber About to Accept Bitcoin Directly? – TheStreet


Ex-Expedia CEO and Bitcoin-friendly Dara Khosrowshahi has landed the new CEO role at Uber – which is leading some cryptocurrency specialists to speculate that the ride-sharing giant will soon accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

As rumors go, there is a backstory that supports those claims – Khosrowshahi, as CEO at Expedia, allowed Bitcoin payments for the online travel site’s hotel reservations division.

While Uber is mum on the issue (it does accept Bitcoin payments from third party vendors, like CoinBase, but Uber does not accept direct crypto payments for its ride-sharing services), the rise of Bitcoin-friendly Khosrowshahi as company CEO does shine a light on the fact that more and more companies are accepting crypto payments for their products and services.

“Our firm recently began accepting bitcoin payments,” says Josh Rosenblatt, attorney at law at BlackLine Payments Advisors in Nashville. “We are a typically conservative, 500-plus attorney law firm. Given the number of our clients that are in the cryptocurrency space — such as cryptocurrency hedge funds or start-ups that have launched their own tokens — those clients prefer to pay in Bitcoin.”

BlackLine has company, with some firms even more open to accepting Bitcoin as payment.

“Not only do we accept Bitcoin payments from clients, we [also] offer an 8% discount to clients that pay in Bitcoin,” says Brendan Gibson, a spokesperson at What About Wiki, a Wikipedia page development services company. “Since our team is spread out in Beijing, Hong Kong, Phoenix, and Chicago, we use Bitcoin to save time and avoid fees. Now there’s no need to pay the ridiculous bank fees in this new payments world.”

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